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Packaging Solutions

Our Packaging Solutions division provides Polyester (PET) & Steel strapping for your packaging requirements. Our factory Dae Yang Straps Co. Ltd, the largest strapping manufacturer in South Korea, through its constant pursuit of the "3-B Movement" (Best Quality, Best Price, Best Service), produces high quality straps of varying sizes for customers worldwide across multiple industries.



Our rPET division, DY Polymer, is an industry-leading research and development company dedicated to the processing & production of food-grade rPET.

We aim to play our part in the global call to action by promoting responsibility & sustainability towards the environment.

Steel straps

Manufacturing & Engineering

With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and R&D in the production of Polyester Straps, we the team at Dae Yang Straps are always ready to share our manufacturing expertise with you.


Our comprehensive range of Polyester (PET) STRAPPING provides the solution for your load securement needs, from your production floor to its final destination. Our product quality, competitive pricing, timely delivery and technical know-how makes us the ideal partner for your packaging requirements.

Since our humble beginning back in the 1980's, we have grown from strength to strength and our straps are now sold worldwide across various industries. One of the key to our success is that our strapping is fully compatible with ALL leading strapping machines & systems.

Our extensive line of application equipment and accessories range from simple hand tools to battery-operated and pneumatic strapping solutions.

"We seek to not only secure your cargo but to secure our partnership".



Dae Yang Straps supplies steel strapping in various sizes, grades (standard / high tensile / heat-treated) and finishings (painted / zinc / wax-coated). Our steel straps are 100% manufactured in Korea using stae-of-the-art technology and subjected to the most stringent quality procedures.

In addition to all standard mechanical & physical properties quality assurance, we conduct further testing using a wide range of industry-leading tools & seals to ensure optimum results when joining & sealing; ensuring total peace of mind for all your robust applications.

With our comprehensive range of hand tools & accessories to complement our steel strapping, your goods are well secured throughout the logistical process.


DY Polymer is proud to call ourselves an ENVIRONMENTAL company; our entity was conceived in 2013 as our founder sought to develop the technology and machinery to convert plastic waste into polyster fiber. Since achieving that first milestone, our passion and belief in environmental responsibility and sustainability has remained strong as ever.

We are staffed by a team of engineers committed to advancing the science of plastic extrusion for the polyster fiber market; our facility is fully outfitted to prototype, test, and continuously advance our systems to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients; particularly in the food-grade sector.

"Respect for our environment is a central consideration in every decision we make, both corporately and individually".