Battery Tools | PET strapping | Polyester Strapping

Battery Tools offer the convenience and ease of a Portable, Automatic one-button strapping operation. Each seal takes seconds to complete! Touch panel for easy operation and settings adjustment. Friction welding technology ensures a secure and robust joint, eliminating the use of seals.
Battery Tools are most suited for operations where operator mobility is a key consideration.


1. Reduce packing cost more than 15% & improve the combining intensity 2times, increase safety coefficient paid to transport effectively.
2. Improve packing without the metal buckle and get rid of the problems such as scratch, impression and so on.
3. Works normally under a large number of dust, short fiber and other abominable environments with the exceptive dust-proof filter screen



Joint Type Vibration Sealing/Friction Welding
Joint Efficiency 80%
Shape of Material Flat / Round
Strap Width 10mm ~ 19mm
Strap Thickness 0.5mm - 1.3mm
Tension Force 2,000N - 7,000N
Weight 3.8kg - 6.4kg