Polyester (PET) Strapping is an innovative strap which provides the strength of Steel Strapping while making up for the weakness of PP (Polypropylene) strapping. Increasingly, PET strappingis used widely as a substitute Steel Strapping.

PET strapping is widely used for packing all industrial goods, including heavy and bulky products like steel, paper, fiber bales, cotton and hay, cans and bottles, stones, bricksand electrical appliances.

Regardless of your application, DAE YANG STRAPS is committed to providing the right and complete PET strapping systems.

Our strapping will systems ensure the protection of your products during handling, storage and throughout the shipping process.

Your advantages are:-

  • No damage/stainson product : color doesn't seep into product
  • Safety : safe bale opening, smooth edge
  • Eco-friendly : 100% recycleable, low CO2 emission
  • Saving Storage cost : No rust, UV resistance, hot and humid weather resistance.
  • &Saving transportation cost : light weight
  • Saving packaging cost

Dimensions & Specifications